• Daru ASIH Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Mochamad SOELTON Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Shine Pintor Siolemba PATIRO Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Yanto RAMLI Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Mafizatun NURHAYATI Universitas Mercu Buana
  • Yusliza Mohd YUSSOFF Universitas Mercu Buana
Keywords: Innovation, Product Management, MSME, Green Campaign, Bantarjaya Village


Business continuity is a non-static phenomenon due to several reasons such as global climate conditions, scarce resources, insecure and competitive global scenario, impending population increase, political instability, economic crisis, and new innovative technologies in the world. The main problem of a small industry is not just achieving a stable high level of performance but also maintaining its position in the market while competing with all the unexpected challenges that will come. situation in Bantarjaya Village, there are several problems that can be formulated as obstacles. These problems include how to create innovations related to product distribution patterns that are experiencing production difficulties and increasing sales volumes. Efforts to create innovations related to product distribution patterns that are experiencing production difficulties and increase sales volume. This needs to be done by providing knowledge and skills in implementing pilot-based marketing management methods to increase revenue. And supports coaching motivation and managerial and entrepreneurial skills. MSMEs spread across Bantarjaya Village are a reference in producing processed snacks. Such as dodol, rangginang, and other dry cakes, in the household food products industry. Trade services are of course very important so that society continues to develop in a better direction. However, until now, his party together with all human resources of the Bantarjaya Village government continue to struggle to achieve the work program that has not been completed.


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