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Paradise is a small but proud community in the country of Heaven which boasts over seventeen thousand islands and has a population that ranks 4th in the world. It is rich in its people and the variety of cultures and places to survive and live, but sadly, seeming not to thrive.

Like many other economies, they have lost productivity and income during the pandemic and lockdown measures which stymied international visitors, yet enhanced the Digital Economy in a way that they were not prepared for. In her future lies the fact that she will hold the post of President of the G20 in 2022 but its citizens are not necessarily motivated by this with the GDP per capita at USD 4,019 in 2019.

Many of the countries’ demographics are changing as women in particular, have to pick up additional avenues of generating income as entrepreneurs and learning to trade outside of their traditional markets even whilst handling more domestic activity at home where they have a primary role of “child nurturing”.


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