• Hanilyn A. HIDALGO Associate Professor V, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Philippines
Keywords: Tourism Recovery, Green Farm Experience, Farm Tourism


Tourism has become one of the highest contributors to the world economy but is also among the industries that were seriously affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. This pandemic has created a way to refocus how tourism operates. The way people will treat their next travel will be much different from before. Tourism may be transformed into a sustainable experience with emphasis not only on economic and social aspects but on environmental contributions as well. As the new norm in tourism is about to emerge, there will be conscious acts that will result in more hygienic and open destinations, more careful tourists, more engagement with nature, and lesser interaction with people. Nature-based destinations such as farms may benefit from a shift to sustainable experience. Any event or occurrence in the farm that forms meaningful memories and creates an impact on caring for the environment and natural resources, including those who share it is described as a green farm experience. Diversifying a traditional farm into farm tourism without much investment may help in the gradual recovery of domestic tourism and improve the livelihoods of the rural community, as well since it covers the supporting industries from agriculture and tourism.


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