• Manik Sunuantari Universitas Sahid
  • Sumiyati Sumiyati Universitas Sahid
Keywords: Digital Media Education, Family Communication, RPTRA


The rapid development of technology has a big impact on human life, especially in shaping the character of the young generation as the nation's successors. It takes a wise attitude in the use of appropriate technology to encourage children's creativity positively. Parents, especially mothers as the most important part of the family give a big role in the pattern of children's education. For this reason, harmonious family communication is needed in creating children's independence. To realize this, the DKI Jakarta regional government is responsible for creating a friendly social environment. One of the efforts carried out by building a Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA). Through the RPTRA it is expected that the community will carry out various social interactions that can encourage community socio-economic independence.The location of community service is carried out in the Rasamala RPTRA located in the Menteng Dalam village. The activity was carried out by involving the PKK of Menteng Dalam Village as a partner, as well as the manager of the RPTRA. Education about using family-friendly digital media will give parents an understanding of the right education patterns for children. This is expected to encourage children to be creative in utilizing digital media to provide added value for children. Awareness of the importance of utilizing digital media must be supported by the efforts of all
parties not given entirely to children. Harmonious family communication will provide comfortable support for children in living their lives. So that child is encouraged to do positive things that support their activities. For this reason, digital media education is inevitable in shaping the nation's character.


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