• Ulani Yunus Bina Nusantara University
Keywords: Better Future, Empowerment, Underprivileged Youth, West Jakarta


There are still underprivileged citizens in Jakarta, even around high-class residences in West Jakarta. The purpose of this research is to find out how the right empowerment for adolescents from underprivileged families in Jakarta, therefore they prepare for their future better than their parents. The concept used is Corporate Social Responsibility and Empowerment. The research method used is the descriptive qualitative. The research subjects were teenagers who registered in the KEJAR SIWALI group, a study group for children from the lower economy because their parents were scavengers and unskilled labourers. Methods of data collection through interviews with KEJAR SIWALI coordinators and five teenagers as informants who attended the research activity were more than five meetings. The results of the study show that the empowerment program for them is to use other teenagers (students of the college) to maintain their ideals to become scholars even till Master or PhD, even though their economic class are less than other teenagers in Jakarta. They are rarely snacking and they want to save money. Basically, they have the enthusiasm to learn to improve the familys economic level, even though they dont know how to finance their lives later. Their aspirations want to be teachers, Civil Servants, Entrepreneurs, Accountant and Doctor. They do not like to see other teenagers, pregnant before marriage and early marriage. The BKKBN program has been successful in this group. Their religious activities were done obedience, and they hope the empowerment in soft skills such as public speaking, IT, accounting and sports.


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