• Nurul Adiningtyas Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Child Sexual Abuse, Prevention, Education


Currently, there’s an increasing trend in child sexual abuse in Indonesia. Data obtained from Commission for Victim and Witness Protection (LPSK) showed that the number of CSA cases reported in 2018 were doubled from those in 2017. Like many of CSA cases, the perpetrators were someone familiar to the children, and in some cases, it’s their close relatives. LPSK stated that only less than 20% of the perpetrator were strangers.
Unfortunately, most CSA cases goes unreported. A study conducted by Wismayantia, et al (2019) shows that lack of knowledge about CSA and insufficient sex education due to the uncomfortable feeling to talk about sexual matters played a significant role in the reluctance to report CSA cases. Moreover, there’s a tendency to not report a CSA that were conducted by a family member because most family felt the need to protect the family’s name. This program were conducted in North Kembangan Village and aimed to provide an educational overview of the dangers of the effects of CSA. The method provided were introduction and discussion between participants.


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